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We are committed to providing a congenial work environment

At Pulse, we respect and value our people, and believe that they are instrumental in our growth and success. We are committed to providing a congenial work environment that is both; highly rewarding and growth-oriented. An open-door policy coupled with the dignity of labour ensures that every associate – irrespective of his/her position or length of association with the organization, is heard, respected and valued. Our HR team takes grievance redressal and conflict management on its top priority, and constantly works towards providing a work environment that is healthy and constructive, and free of any confusion and/or distrust.
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With over two decades of expertise in providing pathbreaking solutions
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A pan-India presence with a strong field force of over 1000 employees

We understand that you are
passionate about your job and our endeavor

We understand that our employees are passionate about their jobs and our endeavour, therefore, is to keep their motivation levels high at all times by facilitating all kinds of perks, employee benefits, performance-based incentives, rewards and recognition that they deserve, for the value they add in making Pulse what it is today, and where it intends to go.

To go with our philosophy of innovation through applied learning, we believe that it is paramount for our employees to constantly upgrade their skill-set and professional know-how, to stay ahead in the race. Pulse is committed to providing the necessary support and financial help needed for any training or knowledge upgradation, to ensure that our employees are well in tune with the changing times and technology. We invest a significant amount of time and money on people development through various in-house/outsourced training programs aimed at meeting the specific needs of individuals.

We also engage the employees throughout the year through interesting weekend talks, interactive sessions, town-hall meetings, festival galas, special day programs, sports & games, etc.

With a pan-India presence, Pulse currently boasts of more than 1000+ passionate people being associated with it in various capacities. We remain constantly on the lookout for talents who can bring something new to the table and add value to our organization.

We offer work opportunities to talented people who want certain flexibility

At Pulse, we remain constantly on the lookout for highly motivated and talented individuals, who would love to work as part of a larger team, while sharing commitment, responsibility, risk-taking and decision-making, to help us attain our vision of being one among the world’s top-most Pharmaceutical companies.
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