Our Team Members

It's the people who make Pulse pharma what it is

Mr. K V Rambabu

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Rambabu, a commerce graduate with over four decades of experience in the Pharma industry. In 1997, he established Pulse as a Marketing company and today it has emerged as a prominent entity in the pharmaceutical industry.

Under his leadership, Pulse Pharmaceuticals has flourished. As the founder and managing director, he guides the company’s growth, operations, and strategy, with a vision to provide ground-breaking products that enhance the well-being of patients.


Mr. K Suresh Babu


Mr. Suresh Babu shares the same conviction as Mr. K V Rambabu. He has dedicated his life to serve Pulse Pharma, aiming to make a positive impact on people’s lives and improve their well-being.

Over the years, he has consistently displayed remarkable knowledge and expertise in various essential domains, such as overall management, distribution, project coordination, and commercial operations. Presently, he holds the responsibility for overseeing our Public Health and Private Label Businesses.


Mr. K V Nagendra Babu


With a wealth of experience in material management and a background in arts, Mr. Nagendra Babu brings valuable expertise to the table. Prior to his association with Pulse, he successfully operated his own company.

Since joining with Pulse, he has assumed responsibility for overseeing the entirety of our Manufacturing, Commercial, and Supply Chain Operations.

Prof. Dr. Devraj Rambhau


Prof. Dr. Devraj Rambhau spearheads the company’s drive for product innovation, taking the lead in leveraging Nano-material sciences to create ground-breaking proprietary technologies. His deep enthusiasm for his role is evident as he actively engages in the creation and advancement of state-of-the-art solutions.

In his capacity, he supervises a team of accomplished scientists and technical professionals, guiding them through the comprehensive process of developing and bringing to market unique products that offer substantial value and set themselves apart from one another.

Mr. Kiran Das


Having obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Science from Bangalore University, an executive Master’s in Business Administration from MAHE, India and a GMP from Harvard Business School, Boston, USA Mr. Kiran Das possesses an impressive educational background.

With over three decades of expertise in pharmaceutical industry, he stands out as a brilliant strategist equipped with exceptional skills and a talent for process development. He has played various roles in the organisation covering Domestic Sales & Marketing, Business Strategy, Business Process Excellence and Corporate Affairs prior to his current role of overseeing the International Business Operations. Additionally, he assists in the company’s Digital Initiatives and Process automation requirements.

Mr. Praveen Tiwari


Mr. Praveen Tiwari has been assigned the responsibility of establishing the Training department at Pulse. In his role, he is in charge of supervising various Learning & Development needs, such as Orientation, Management Development Programs at various levels, and Behavioral Training for our staff.

He effectively manages these responsibilities with his team. Having more than thirty years of experience in pharmaceutical sales and training, Mr. Tiwari brings a wealth of expertise to his current position. He possesses a diploma in training and development from ISTD-Delhi and is recognized for his enthusiastic training approach, demonstrating exceptional skills in supporting others.

Dr. Harsh Chaturvedi


Following his academic journey at the University of Delhi, Dr. Harsh Chaturvedi acquired twenty years of valuable experience within the pharmaceutical industry.

Before venturing into this professional field, he served in several teaching roles at medical and pharmacy colleges. Notably, Dr. Chaturvedi holds prestigious fellowships from both the UGC and CSIR, and his research discoveries have been featured in numerous respected journals.

Mr. M. V. Srinivasa Chary


With over 20 years of experience in accounts and finance, Mr. Srinivasa Chary possesses extensive expertise in the field. He completed his MBA and M.Com from Osmania University in Hyderabad.

Since 2002, Mr. Chary has been associated with Pulse and currently assumes the responsibility of overseeing the Finance and Accounts domain. He has a notable history of excelling in financial analysis and demonstrating a keen focus on the development of individuals.

Mrs. Divya Myneni


Mrs. Divya Myneni assumes the leadership role of the domestic marketing team at Pulse Pharma, where her responsibilities encompasses harmonisation of marketing, sales & distribution practices across various business divisions in domestic market.

She focuses on improving the business outcomes through rationalising the marketing activities and enhancing sales force effectiveness. Mrs. Divya holds an MBA degree and a B Pharmacy degree from NMIMS, Mumbai.

Dr. Kishore J R Kunapuli


With a Ph.D. from the German Cancer Research Centre in Germany, this individual holds a Biotechnology Post Graduate degree. He possess more than 15 years of hands-on experience in Cell Biology and Immunology systems.

His expertise lies in devising innovative solutions for life-threatening infections, cancer treatment procedures, and diagnostics, utilizing state-of-the-art biotechnologies. Prior to joining the Pulse team, he gained valuable experience working at reputable organizations, including the Singapore Immunology Network in Singapore. During this time, he successfully completed multiple research projects.

Dr. Bhanu Prasad


Dr. Bhanu Prasad holds a Doctoral degree in Pharmacy and possesses more than 25 years of experience in the Quality and Projects field.

Before joining Pulse, he was affiliated with esteemed organizations in Toronto, Canada, such as Druggist Corporation, DC Laboratories, Apotex, Jaa Pharm, and PharmEng Technologies etc.

Mr. Srikanth Myneni


Mr. Srikanth Myneni takes charge of the Projects department and oversees the operations of both our Manufacturing facilities and R&D centre. He holds the responsibility for coordinating projects and ensuring operational excellence.

With an MBA degree, Mr. Srikanth has been a valued member of the Pulse team for more than five years.

Mr. Samar Ghosh


Having graduated in Science, Mr Samar Ghosh possesses an extensive background of over 30 years in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development domains.

They specialize in areas such as Product Marketing and Promotion, New Product Launches, Business Development, Channel and Dealer Management, as well as People Management. Before becoming a part of Pulse, Mr. Samar was affiliated with several renowned multinational companies.