Consistently delivering innovative products in PARC

Pulse Advanced Research Center or PARC is a State-of-the-art R&D Facility set up in Hyderabad (India) in 2010, with world-class infrastructure and highly qualified scientists. PARC forms the backbone of Pulse for consistently delivering path breaking innovative pharmaceutical products, which is indeed a matter of immense pride for us.

The world class infrastructure

high-quality manpower and pathbreaking innovations by PARC, are indeed a matter of immense pride for us.
NR & D
Our Novel Pharmaceutical Formulation Research & Development wing
AR & D
Our Analytical Research & Development laboratory
FR & D
Our Formulation Research & Development team is engaged in developing
PR & D
Our Process Research & Development laboratory focuses on developing
Our Gene and Cell Therapeutics Research & Development division is located at

Novel Pharmaceutical Formulation Research & Development wing

In our Novel Research & Development division, we develop Cutting-edge next generation Proprietary Drug Delivery Technologies using advanced pharmaceutical and material science techniques like Nanotechnology, which are further developed/optimised using proper experimental designs and QbD principles into highly differentiated Pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical Products. This facility is housed with most sophisticated equipments to handle various levels of Characterisation of these differentiated pharmaceutical/nutraceutical products. Complete Product development, scale up and technology transfer is done as per regulatory requirements.


further development
This division aims to create potential novel therapies for challenging drug molecules, so as to deliver them via different routes to reach absorption sites in a controlled, sustained manner or target them specifically to desired tissues and cells there by enabling patients to better manage their disease condition without compromising on their life-style.


Sophisticated equipment
Experienced scientists in NR&D with their diversified scientific knowledge, are continuously working to create an array of innovative next generation drug delivery technologies which will be utilized to make futuristic medicines which are affordable, easy to use, have convenient dosing regimen and overall benefit patients to address their unmet medical need.

Analytical Research

Our Analytical Research & Development Laboratory is well-equipped with various advanced analytical instruments for testing. AR&D has highly trained, committed Analytical scientists who can handle Complex Analytical Method Development, Complete Finished Product Testing, Stability Testing, Validations and all other Testing as per pharmacopeia’s and as required for regulatory submissions including quality documentation. Continuously, day-in-day out, AR&D division supports all other divisions of PARC for all Analytics and testing needs.

Formulation Research & Development

Our Formulation Research & Development team is engaged in developing difficult-to-handle Niche and Generic Formulations. Formulation R&D division has all sophisticated, modern pharmaceutical machinery for various pharmaceutical dosage forms
API Characterization
Pre-Formulation Studies
Excipient Compatibility Studies
Composition & Process Optimization
FR&D is fully-equipped to carry out all product development activities such as API Characterization, Pre-Formulation Studies, Excipient Compatibility Studies, Composition, Process Optimization, Stability Studies etc., in line with regulatory guidelines. Scale-Up, Technology transfer, Process Validation, and Manufacture of Registration/ Submission Batches for various dosage forms are also supported by FR&D team, as per the regulatory norms.

Process Research & Development laboratory

Our Process Research & Development laboratory focuses on developing novel, cost-effective process technologies for novel active pharmaceutical ingredients and key pharmaceutical or nutraceutical ingredients, in line with the business strategy of the company.
PR&D Laboratory is equipped with State-of-the-art infrastructure and follow strictest Global Regulatory and GLP Standards for processing the materials, highly experienced PR&D team can handle most of the Organic Chemical Reactions typically Chiral Synthesis, Chiral Resolutions, Isomerization, Saponification, Reductions & Oxidations, Asymmetric Synthesis, Enzyme Catalysed Reactions, Peptide Synthesis and Industrial Chiral Chromatography, as well as Industrial Chemicals/Gases such as Triphosgene, Raney Nickel, Sodium Borohydride, Palladium Catalyst, Sodium metal, Hydrogen and Isobutylene. Scale-Up of the Process and Manufacture of Batches is done as per the regulatory norms including documentation.

Our Gene and Cell Therapeutics Research & Development division

Our Gene and Cell Therapeutics Research & Development division is located at Atal Incubation Centre – CCMB (Hyderabad), GCTR&D division is dedicated to develop and commercialize gene and cell therapies for patients traumatized by rare and life-threatening diseases. Gene and cell therapy are overlapping fields of biomedical research, both the Gene and cell therapies work by altering genes in specific types of cells and inserting them into the body. These therapies aim to prevent, treat, or cure diseases, and have the potential to alleviate the underlying cause of genetic and other related acquired diseases.

We have passionate and committed team, who are enthusiastic about the depth of science in their work, breaking the barriers, and deliver solutions to difficult problems. With exceptional background experience, they are building up on developing gene and cell therapies in-line with company’s vision which will have positive impact on lives of patients and their well-being.

Proprietary Technologies

Enables conversion of lipophilic drugs into an aqueous system and thereby enhancing bioavailability.
Enables solubilizing insoluble drugs and effectively taste masking bitter taste of a drug.
Converts the drug into Nano dispersion instantly on reaching the GI tract and thereby enhancing bioavailability.
A smart technology that converts API’s into solid nano particulate systems that are compressible to tablets using conventional compression technology.
Improves the permeability and facilitate delivery of the active drug into deeper parts of the skin tissues with the help of surface charged Nano carriers.